A Background – TIArts

New Beginnings For Tish Ince and TIArts About TIArts (TishInceArts) Tish Ince Arts was established by Tish Ince on her sudden return from San Francisco to the UK, in January 2023. The development of her latest poetry and growing AI art collection in the ‘Haikus For Series’, inspired her to continue to use art in its varying…… Continue reading A Background – TIArts

TIArts – coming soon.

“My voice was very small – My voice was smaller than I had ever known.” I needed to express and art gave me that way, a path to sharing that which I could not utter. Art said “It’s ok… I can hear you. Others will too. Take your time.” Tish Ince – TIArts Email TiArts…… Continue reading TIArts – coming soon.